The Guruvayur Co-operative Urban Bank is a primary bank in Thrissur district, Located near guruvayur temple town. The Guruvayur Co-operative Urban Bank has been offering services over 98 years. The financial year 2017-18 the bank achieved profit of one Core and eleven lakhs and also distributing dividend for Share Holders.

As a premier bank, we have providing comprehensive range of services suitable for every kind for Business or Personal. They include, borrowing facilities, deposits, lockers etc…

Success History

• GCUB a leading CO-operative Urban Bank in Thrissur dist Kerala.
• With over 9 decades of experience at the forefront of providing banking services and customer service in our locality.
• The bank staff treat customer as king and also giving individual attention to each customer.
• We treat everyone as individual and special.
• The interest rate for the deposits is higher.
• The bank having strong support from local customer.
• The bank is on the way for digitations world.
• At GCUB, We understand the changes in your lifestyle recognize these changes and support you with a high standard of professionalism and service.
• Kottapadi branch is renovated with new facilities for customer in 2016 and Chavakkad branch renovated in 2018.
• As per RBI rule the CRAR is 9% and the bank achieved CRAR 10.15% in 31.03.2018.

Share Holder

As on March 2018 the bank having 18349 A Class share holders and 1556 B class Share holder too with sharing capital of 6.03 cores.
• The Guruvayur urban bank having total business of Rs. 820.76 cores.
• The Guruvayur Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd No.F.1652 was registered on September 8, 1920 as “Iykya nanaya Sangam”

Our Timeline

• Registered on September 8, 1920 as “Iykya nanaya Sangam”
• Banking operation commenced in 1931
• Registered as Urban Bank in 1944
• Started accepting deposits from 1945
• Started Gold Loan from 1947
• Acquired premises in West Nada in 1962
• Opening of the First branch in Chavakkad
• Became Class I Grade Bank in 1978
• Foundation stone fro Platinum Jubilee Building laid by the Chief Minister Sri. K. Karunakaran in 1994
• Celebrated Platinum Jubilee in 1995
• Three storied building with a carpet area of 140000 sq.ft. having all modern amenities started functioning in the heart of the temple town in 1995.
• Kottappady, & Blangad Branches started functioning in 1995
• Guruvayur M & E Branch started in 1996
• Commencement of Computerisation in 2003
• The bank implemented core banking system in 2005.
• New software in 2012 ( Beacon Pro “ Leads to better banks” )
• As a part of full implantation of core banking system The bank started action for implementing of Anywhere Banking, ATM, Net Banking.

Products Available

  • Mortgage Loan

  • Housing Loan

  • Consumer Loan

  • Personal Loan

  • Merchant Welfare Loan

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